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-====== IFLA 2012 Preconference "THE ELECTRONIC RE-EVOLUTION"​ ====== 
-//**Mikkeli (Finland), 7-9 August, 2012**// \\  
-The satellite preconference "THE ELECTRONIC RE-EVOLUTION - News Media in the Digital Age" is held by [[http://​​VII/​s19/​|IFLA Preservation and Conservation Section]] and the [[http://​​VII/​s37/​index.htm|IFLA Genealogy and Local History Section]]. It will focus  on electronic re-evolution in the newspaper field at large. 
-====== ​ ====== 
-One of the topics also covers digitization in different aspects. The Satellite Preconference will take place during the [[http://​​ifla78|IFLA 2012]] in Mikkeli (Finland) on 7-9 August. At the moment the Call for Papers is running and open till 15th November. 
-For more information please visit the [[http://​​en/​events/​the-electronic-re-evolution-news-media-in-the-digital-age|conference page]]. 
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