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 +====== Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group Meeting ======
 +//**Austin, Texas (USA), 11-13 January 2012**// \\
 +This meeting of the Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group (PASIG) is held at the AT&T Conference Center on the campus of University of Texas at Austin and focuses on practitioners'​ concerns of preservation strategies, best practices, storage, engineering,​ architectures,​ and operation of preservation and archiving systems at scale.
 +=====  =====
 +The meeting will hold a variety of sessions:
 +  * Digital Preservation Bootcamp
 +  * Longterm Digital Preservation Storage Futures
 +  * Preservation Research, Breakthroughs and Futures
 +  * Practitioners Knowledge Exchange
 +  * Lightning Talks “from the Field”
 +  * Domain Deep Dive: Media Preservation
 +  * Research Data: Management, Preservation and Archiving
 +  * Governance, Audit, Standards & Maturity Models
 +  * Supercomputing & Digital Preservation
 +  * Cloud-Based Preservation Services
 +The meeting welcomes practitioners,​ researchers,​ industry experts and vendors in the digital preservation and archiving.
 +For the [[http://​​austinpasig/​program/​|full agenda]] and other information please see the [[http://​​austinpasig/​|meetings'​ website]].
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