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-On Thursday 1st August 2013 the EROMM website ​and EROMM Search will be unavailable between ​8:30 and 9:30 (CEST) due to server maintenance.+====== Server Maintenance ====== 
 +On Tuesday 7th February 2012 the EROMM website, [[:​use_eromm-eromm_search|EROMM Search]] and [[:​use_eromm-eromm_request|EROMM Request]] ​will be unavailable ​for a short period of time between ​9:00 and 11:00 (CET) due to server maintenance. ​\\ 
 +[[:​use_eromm-eromm_classic|EROMM Classic]] is not affected and can be accessed via the URL http://​​DB=2.8 during that time. 
-EROMM Classic is not affected and can be accessed via the URL [[http://​​DB=2.8]] during that time.  
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