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How to Share Data with EROMM

You know of reformatted items on the web suitable for EROMM, but you can't find them in our database? Your institution produces surrogates and wants to make them available in EROMM Search? Then you are in the right place.

First, please check if the reformatted items you want us to include are in the scope of EROMM. (see the page EROMM Search - Description & Scope for details).

The following information and the subpages Your Data in EROMM Classic and Your Data in EROMM Web Search are directed at institutions that produce surrogates themselves.

The answer to that question depends on how detailed the descriptions of the reformatted items are. In general, EROMM strives to include as many sources as possible in EROMM Classic, because it offers better search options and provides detailed descriptions. But we also know it's not always possible to produce detailed descriptions of digitized material. In that case we would put the data into EROMM Web Search, which has basically no other prerequisite for the reformatted items than being available on the web (at least their metadata).

The page Your Data in EROMM Classic gives a more detailed explanation of the information required information for including of a source in EROMM Classic. You may get a general idea if your data will fit in.

As already mentioned, EROMM Web Search doesn't really have any prerequisites for sources. However, there are means for the supplier to improve the retrieval and presentation, which are described on Your Data in EROMM Web Search.

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