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   * [[http://​​|British Library, London, United Kingdom]]   * [[http://​​|British Library, London, United Kingdom]]
   * [[http://​​|Gemeinsamer Bibliotheksverbund - Verbundzentrale,​ Göttingen, Germany]]   * [[http://​​|Gemeinsamer Bibliotheksverbund - Verbundzentrale,​ Göttingen, Germany]]
-  * [[http://​​|Kansalliskirjasto,​ Helsinki, Finland]] 
   * [[http://​​|Det Kongelige Bibliotek, Kopenhagen, Denmark]]   * [[http://​​|Det Kongelige Bibliotek, Kopenhagen, Denmark]]
   * [[http://​​|Koninklijke Bibliotheek,​ Den Haag, The Netherlands]]   * [[http://​​|Koninklijke Bibliotheek,​ Den Haag, The Netherlands]]
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   * [[http://​​|Národní knihovna Ceské republiky, Praha, Czech Republic]]   * [[http://​​|Národní knihovna Ceské republiky, Praha, Czech Republic]]
   * [[http://​​|Российская национальная библиотека,​ St. Petersburg, Russia]]   * [[http://​​|Российская национальная библиотека,​ St. Petersburg, Russia]]
 +  * [[http://​​|Kansalliskirjasto,​ Helsinki, Finland]]
 ===== Join the Consortium ===== ===== Join the Consortium =====
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