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 **Did you know...** **Did you know...**
 {{xfortune>:​did_you_know.txt}} {{xfortune>:​did_you_know.txt}}
-====== ​News ======+====== ​About EROMM ====== 
 +To preserve the world'​s written heritage of all ages – literary, scientific or other – and keep it accessible to research and use everywhere is one of the core missions of any research library. To realize this, libraries and others are creating surrogates of printed or hand-written items in micro-optic or digital form. In order to preserve as many documents as possible, our limited resources should be spent on reformatting those items that have not been digitized or microfilmed already.
-{{blog>​blog?​3}}+[[about_eromm-mission_and_history|Read more...]]
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